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Yes its true after 2 minutes thinking whilst on the internet, Sam suddenly decided to create a website for his and his friends 1 month year old youtube channel that hasn't had that many views. BUT maybe if he made a web site he could increase that by at least 10, So he did and here you are reading a news article on it or he some how managed to get into your house and make you read a piece of paper with this on that sounds more impressive but its not true. So here you and yeah hope you like this i spent half an hour choosing the background.

Oh and Ollie Holgado told me to say Ollie Holgado is awsome so there you go Ollie Holgado, Ollie's xbox gamer tag is holgado66 go and tell him he's awsome or spam him I don't really care.


HALO REACH on Xbox 360

this is the the follow up to HALO 3 ODST in the HALO saga and by what I can gather it is the end of the franchise but the guys at bungie certainly want to go out with a bang.

Released in England on the 14th of September 2010

CALL of DUTY BLACK OPS on Xbox 360, PC, PS3

7th in the CALL of DUTY series it has a big reputation to live up to . This Cod is being made by the makers of Cod 5 Treyarch so this could mean theres a new zombie mini game like Nazi zombies but based more in the future because BLACK OPS is based in the Vietnam war.

Released in England on the 9th of November 2010

NFS Hot Pursuit on Xbox 360,PS3

hopefully a lot better then the last 3 games because NFS is back on the streets well on real streets not crapy nintendo wii cartoon streets with retarded looking cars, So back on the streets with more cars, more road, more races and more cops with the the feature of this game the choice to be a street COP with the car of a RACER but the bage of a chacer, Wow that sounded gay or a RACER :)

Released in England on the 16th of November 2010

FABLE III on Xbox 360

the trilogy to the FABLE series based in older times, I don't know when then again I never rememberd a story about a kid who gianed magical powers got loads of trophies finished the game and then killed every one he see's ... Well thats what happend in my game. any way its a D&D sort of game with out the geeky side of it and in this game it becomes a lot more personal.

Released in England on the 29th of October 2010

MEDAL OF HONOR on Xbox 360, PS3

the return of the current afares in war series game (WTF) as MEDAL OF HONOR has been queit for a while well since the start of wii but it was exstremly confusing and didn't do to well but its back and it looks to be good. BUT resently in the news there has been words of it being banned just because you can play as a taliban soilders and kill british opratives this confuses me because we can kill taliban as the british thats fine but not the other way round but in MW2 you can play as other terrorist groups and kill British TF141, Seals and American Rangers. then again now I think about it I wonder who complained. but the online side of the game is being made by the makers of all the Battlefield games DICE and from the recent BFBC2 the multiplayer looks to be good.

Released in England on the 15th of October 2010

TDU 2 on Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a car racing game that follows the first wich wasent that good but the new instalment aims to impress with a wide open world were you can go were you want were almost every thing can be customized and you can race, party and just have fun.

Released in England on the 28th of January 2011

There are more games but im CBA to do them and if you want them all you best ask for funding because at £40 a pop just for the standerd game there not cheap and those who don't know their months they are all released at the same sort of time, In facted 5 are released in October 2010.







We're bored playing quick scopes in private matches on MW2 so has any 1 made a new game on MW2 that we can play and we have heard of Mike Myers before any one trys to be a smart arse, If you give us the best game we'll give you 100 W points.

What are W points

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